• Intend to present the most advanced high-dimensional time series data through a visual approach.
  • Help users simulate and analyze fund investments through an online platform.
  • Direct interaction with large-scale data helps users quickly understand funds relative to the investment performance index.
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  • Visualization of Fund Information

    Applies the use of visual idea
    Bases on a three-dimensional sphere
    Supplements with color and movement
    For analysis of time series data

  • Transparent Platform

    Provides a transparent platform
    so that the public can easily access information and data from the Chinese fund market.

  • Collective Intelligence Experience

    Utilizes collective intelligence of the community
    Presents the most effective portfolio strategy by collecting user behavior

About Us

About Wang Fu Bao

Beginning as a three year research project in 2010, this product aims to study the most advanced, interactive visual analysis methods for high-dimensional time series data.

What is Wang Fu Bao

It is an online platform that helps end users simulate and analyze fund investments.

The concept of Wang Fu Bao

Using Wang Fu Bao can help you:

How to determine an investment strategy;

How to build each asset allocation ratio;

How to use this information to optimize set of intellectual asset portfolio;

How to measure the success of their investments and performance gains;

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